5 Ways to Fundamentally Change Your Office Bathroom

The office bathroom should not only be a place to freshen up and relax, but also a center of productivity. With these tips, it can become a better space for getting things done. A well-designed office bathroom should have enough space for employees to feel comfortable, as well as provide adequate storage options. The sink should be placed in the corner of the room with mirror above it that is large enough to allow people to see their whole face. The toilet should be located on one side of the room, with plenty of ventilation and light coming into that area through large windows or skylights. It also needs open shelving, cabinets and drawers on its walls so that employees can store their towels closer to them than they would need them in a locker.

5 Ways to Fundamentally Change Your Office Bathroom

1. Get a Toilet Seat Soap Dispenser at Office Bathroom

A toilet soap dispenser is a small, hand-held device that dispenses liquid soap into the toilet for use by the individual. It is typically used in public bathrooms, where it is placed just above or just outside of the toilet bowl. The reason behind its popularity is that it significantly decreases the risk of spreading germs from one person to another. When you are done with your business in a public restroom, you can now clean your hands before coming back to work with ease.

2. Add a Label Maker to Each Mirror at Office Bathroom

Most offices have a bathroom with a mirror. It would be a great idea to install a label maker where it is located. This way, people won't have to walk all the way to the printer when they need to print something.

By installing a label maker in the bathroom, you'll save time and help your employees stay organized.

In this case, adding a label maker would save time and help keep your office organized

3. Install a Gym-quality Workout Area at Office Bathroom

The idea of installing a work out area at the office has been around for a long time. Companies have considered ideas of getting a gym quality workout area in the office for years. The idea is to revamp common areas and create a workplace that reflects how people live outside of work. At the same time, it provides employees with an opportunity to take care of their own health and wellness needs on-the-go. Companies have taken this opportunity to design new features like treadmill desks, flexi desks, and ergonomic chairs.

4. Install an In-Plant Gym Equipment Area With Hammock and Heavy Duty Workout Mats at Office Bathroom

Today's office spaces are getting more and more cramped. With the introduction of new technologies, we found ourselves working in smaller and smaller work areas. This creates a lot of problems when it comes to fitness and health because we opt for the convenient route and spend less time at the gym.

Hammock: Employees can use these hammocks to relax after a hard day's work or during their lunch break.

Workout mats: These heavy duty mats provide a firm surface that is not conducive to cramping or cold flooring.

In-plant gym equipment area: This is perfect for employees who enjoy working out at the office instead of taking their breaks outside.

5. Install A Large Mirror on the Wall at Office Bathroom

One of the most common office mistakes is a lack of creativity. If you want to make your work environment more creative, you should consider installing a large mirror on the wall in your bathroom. Mirrors provide a great way to create a freer space and encourage creativity. In fact, research has shown that mirrors can actually increase productivity because they make people feel as though their reflection is constantly being watched.