How to Save Hot Water: 8 Ways to Reduce Condensation on Outside of Windows

When a window is cold, it can be difficult to defrost. A window can become frozen due to many factors including low temperatures and high humidity levels. There are a few ways that windows can be defrosted, but the most common is by condensing the windows. This process involves adding moisture to the air in a room which melts the ice on the outside of the windows.

When there is too much moisture in a room, it can lead to condensation buildup on windows or other surfaces, which will then cause fogging that needs to be cleaned from surfaces with clean water and soap.

7 Reasons Your Window Can't Stay Frozen

If your window is stuck in mid-close position, you're not the only one. Many homeowners are dealing with this issue. To fix this, here are seven reasons why your window can't stay frozen.

1) You have the wrong kind of window covering

2) Your house is cold enough for it to happen

3) You don't have enough insulation around the window

4) Air leaks from the door or outside of the house are getting into the room

5) The temperature might be too low on your thermostat or you might not have it set to "heat"

6) A draft from somewhere in your house is pulling cold air into that room

7) There might be a leak in your house

8 DIY Methods for Reducing Condensation on Outside Windows

Condensation on windows is a common problem that can be solved with the help of some simple DIY methods.

In order to prevent condensation from building up inside your home, outside windows need to be kept clean and dry. In regions with lots of rain, the best way to prevent it would be to cover them with clear plastic sheets or foil-lined curtains.

  1. Keep your curtains closed to prevent condensation on windows

  2. Place an absorbent cloth near the window to soak up moisture

  3. Use a dehumidifier with a collection tray to reduce humidity indoors

  4. Consider adding curtains or drapes if your windows are larger than 48 inches wide

  5. If your window is close to a wall, consider installing blinds or drapes

  6. Close the window at night so that it doesn't get heated up by the sun

  7. Consider using non-stick cooking spray on windows instead of glass cleaner

  8. Install dual-pane windows for better insulation and avoiding condensation problems

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